Waxing and Threading, Kettering

General Waxing

Here at Kolaine we use PHD sticky wax for areas like arms, legs, backs and chest waxing. With this wax we use a disposable applicator head for each client. The applicators have an anti flow back system to prevent any cross contamination and ensure a hygienic treatment

Intimate Waxing

We use Perron Rigot peelable hot wax for intimate waxing such and Hollywoods and Brazillians.
This wax is supple and makes for a more comfortable application. Suitable for all hair types, especially short, tough hairs. We do not double dip our spatulas but both ends of each spatula are used to ensure we are working as economically friendly as possible


Threading is an alternative to waxing and is suitable for clients who have allergies to wax or who are on the more sensitive side. Using this technique can give sharper lines and edges on eyebrows and causes less trauma to the skin meaning redness reduces quickly after treatment. Other examples of areas that can be threaded are, Lip chin and sides of the face.