Nail Services, Kettering

Nail Services

We offer a wide range of a nail services and take you nail health seriously.
Did you know your nails are the window to your health, and with good care and maintenance we can provide you with a treatment that suits your needs.

Acrylic nail extensions- using the fully sculptured technique these can be tailored to you desired look in terms of length and shape. Acrylics need infilling about every 3-4 weeks to ensure the look and optimum growth are maintained.

Manicures and pedicures- includes filing of the nails, cuticle work, scrub, massage and a regular polish to finish.

Spa manicure and pedicures- includes all of the above with the added extras of hard skin removal with a pedicure, a luxurious hand/foot mask and an extended massage.

Shellac – is a hybrid gel nail polish which is cured under an LED light to achieve a hardy, non chip finish. There are three tiers to this service from basic colour application, a simple design including glitter or stamps or a more detailed bespoke intricate design planned in advanced including free hand nail art or a theme to suit your occasion.
Shellac regular
Shellac basic design
Shellac intricate design

File and paint – inc regular polish