Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, Kettering

Advanced cosmetic procedure’s also known as Advanced Electrolysis is the new adaption of a well established and safety proven treatment namely Electrolysis. This is an increasingly popular effective and hygienic method to remove a number of unsightly skin blemishes, Electrolysis is best known for its abilities to remove unwanted hair using an electrical current within the follicle to cauterise the blood supply, killing the hair at the root and permanently removing it. Electrolysis was originally created in the early 1900s to treat ingrown hairs, spider naevi, xanthoma (yellow fatty substances commonly found around the eyes) and port wine marks, so you can imagine how far treatment has progressed since then.

There are now over 21 different types of blemishes that can safely and effectively be treated using advanced electrolysis with out the need for surgery and very little recovery time The treatment itself is a little uncomfortable but easily tolerated, there are minimal after effects, with a little tightness and scabbing to be expected. A consultation will be carried out to ensure the client is suitable for treatment and to establish an appropriate treatment plan. After care will be given after treatment.

Please note: Some blemishes may require a GP’s written consent prior to treatment

Milia Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Blood Spot Removal

Seborrhoeic keratosis